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Kit Screwdriver with drill chuck & Metric Taps.

Steel HSS and Aluminium - bag with 4 units - Screwdriver + Metric Taps (M2, M2,5 and M3)

The threads are present in our day to day and in the Slot they have a fundamental role in many pieces.

Making a thread is very simple, but there are some steps you must follow so that the result is correct.


ALWAYS use a little lubricating oil when making a new thread or repairing a damaged one. It does not matter
if it is metal or plastic, always lubricate.
When you make a thread for the first time, or want to rework a thread for some reason, you must perform
two basic movements of forward and backward.

In the advance, rotation to the right (clockwise), the elimination of material is produced in order to make the
thread and in the reverse, rotation to the left (counter-clockwise), it is dislodges the resulting chip.
Position the tap as perpendicular to the hole as possible and turn the tap to the right approx. 1/2 turn and
then turn left approx. just under 1/2 turn. These successive turns, right/left, right/left, are used to patiently
manufacture and / or repair a thread.

We indicate which hole to make depending on the thread you need.
M2 - Ø1.5 mm drill bit.
M2.5 - Ø2 mm drill bit.
M3 - Ø2.5 mm drill bit.

Our taps are conveniently modified at the tip so that it is feasible to pass them as much as possible in those
pieces where there is only one threaded hole. For example; rims, crowns, crown stops etc ... where there is
only one thread and it is necessary that the edge of the tap is inserted as far as possible