SLOTING (Ref.: SP140004).

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Stainless steel - M6 & M8 - approx. measure 110 x 40 x 10 mm - weight 113 gr - bag with 1 unit.

It is a Universal press to put and remove pinions for all Slot enthusiasts in any of its scales 1/43 - 1/32 - 1/28 and 1/24 who already have a tool to extract pinions and who need a tool very small and handy, very simple to use and versatile, accurate, reliable and indestructible. A tool for the whole life.

You can use any standard Slot motor with a maximum length, with or without double axle output, until 73 mm, a box width of 20 mm and Ø2 mm diameter of the axle. In short, 99% of the motors used in the Slot cars.

Special DUO screw to correctly protect the motor and its axle when a pinion is inserted.

The special conical shape from one of it faces, especially designed by Sloting Plus for all motors with double axle output, always facilitates of precise way the axle placement under any circumstances.

Don't worry, put as you want, the axle ALWAYS will search the center of the special screw to be perfectly aligned with the other end of the axle and this way you never bend an axle.